Thursday Thoughts on Procrastination and Excuses

~With a sudden move during the holiday season, it’s been difficult to keep up with my blog posts. I now have a very long list of things I must do to move out of my place, get the Christmas stuff organized for my family get together and make a smooth transition into a new home.

Seems easy enough… but now I have even more excuses not to write. Oh no!shield-417827_1280

Before I had the normal everyday excuses such as:

Oh darn the dishes should be done now so I simply can not write on my blog or my novel!” 

Now the list of excuses includes:

I must scrub my stove and fridge so they look brand new!
I have to pack and organize these clothes so I can figure out which ones to donate!
Renting a truck…I should probably do this before Christmas!
Oh wait, this bottle of wine is half full… better drink it before the move!
I have to get rid of stuff…
I can’t focus…

The list goes on and on. Talk about the ultimate procrastination station!!

This kind of feels like de sha vu only with more things. Am I just making the same old excuses? Probably.

Wait what was I talking about?

I had to take a picture of Santa to become an Instagram sensation…Santa Limonata Santa


Hang on I’ll be right back to finish this post after i do this one thing…