For Zoe ~7 years gone… I still miss you everyday xox

Memories filled my mind as I remembered being on stage at an open mic night singing in front of an audience. Eyes were all on me. Then, I pictured her face. It was a beautiful memory… and finally the soft lyrics slowly escaped my lips:

189025_5538511062_2732_nThere’s a picture of you in my mind.

It happens all the time.

You came into my life.

The hands of the clock rewind.

Baby girl… you’re gone

Baby girl you’re gone

Your memory lives on

This is Zoe’s song…


My vision is blocked by you

To the afterlife you flew

If we only knew

Well that would be too cruel

Baby girl… you’re gone

Baby girl you’re gone

You’re memory lives on

Oh this is Zoe’s song

This is Zoe’s song.196751_5538521062_3257_n

Baby girl you’re gone…