Thursday Thoughts: When Technology Fails

What do you do when technology fails?

When your phone has finally had enough and just shuts down never to turn back on again. Lost photos, lost numbers…lost.

When your computers fan heats up so hot that you’re worried the surface underneath may burn.

clock-474128_1280When the alarm clock doesn’t go off in the morning.

The clock stops.

When factory reset is the only solution to a dragging touchpad and limited settings options which are not doing anything different.

The same problem!!

When the restart button is your only friend.

When the mouse keeps skipping and the cursor keeps jumping.

The sound from the speakers suddenly don’t work.

When there is no explanation on Google.

When the lights just keep flashing red.

The blender makes an awful noise and my smoothie is chunky… NOT smooth.

Light bulb is out.bulb-313699_1280

Chat is not working.


System failure.


Good Morning Monday…

Good Morning Monday… I’ve got the free verse poetry weirdness running through my brain again. What a surprise 😉 Does it ever make sense?

Ode to the screens full of the technologists scene… a tiny tech poem just for you:


Good Day you website masterminds
Video cassette tapes you have to rewind
Messages and links intertwined
A social network running through the mind

A bright blinking cursor an enemy
Writers block and a locked up key
Time fly’s by we’re no longer free
Imprisoned by the latest technology

An obsession, regression, oppression and recession
Glorious deception of the misconceptions
A set of compression’s on chest cavity sessions
This is a zombies affectionate confession

An evil necessity

Could we ever be without thee?