Thursday Thoughts: My Mumbai Airport Rant!

~A few weeks ago I found myself stuck outside the Mumbai International Airport because security would not let me in. My flight was at 4:30 am the following morning and I didn’t want to spend money on a hotel for that evening. There were only two spots I had to choose from to sit and wait. The 1st was a Burger King; if you’ve been to India you know how different these fast food chains are and I didn’t really feel like a potato burger. The 2nd was a little place called “The Beer Cafe”, now that’s more like it!

Here is my rant:

It’s going to be a long two days. I am sitting near the Mumbai airport in a café across from the International Arrivals doors. The security guards won’t let me in because my flight isn’t until 4:30 am tomorrow morning and right now it’s about 2 pm. Of course, I don’t really want to pay another $70 dollars to stay in a hotel for twelve hours so I’ve ordered a Masala Chai and I’m hoping no one notices how long I sit here.

This morning I had to beg the front desk for a late checkout, which only brought me to about twelve o’clock noon and then I sat in the lobby of the hotel for about a half an hour trying to figure out why my card wouldn’t work to pay for the room. I finally realized it’s just because this country is impossible sometimes… well, most of the time. After 3 attempts at the hotel’s card machine, I ended up walking in the blistering heat to two different bank machines each way down the street. After the 2nd attempt at the ATM’s nearby I thought maybe my bank back home had canceled my card for the 5th time during this trip. It wouldn’t have surprised me at all. But when I went back to the hotel and called my bank on Skype, the bank attendant told me my card was active and should be working just fine.

It was then that I remembered, “Right… India.” I should’ve guessed it wasn’t going to be a smooth transaction. Once again, I asked the hotel attendant if there was another bank machine close by and went for yet another walk down the street in a different direction this time to find a 3rd bank machine in hopes that this one would work. Finally, after all that, the 3rd ATM let me take some money out to pay for the room. Success!

Now, here I am sitting in this café with only four hundred rupees in my wallet and fourteen hours to go. I’m really regretting not stuffing some bread in my purse from my buffet breakfast. I didn’t really feel like eating much anyway because my stomach was not feeling well. It has been a common and unpleasant feeling I have had a lot during this last month in India. I’ve heard of Delhi Belly before and luckily, I haven’t been that sick. Most of the time it’s just a morning thing, I do my business and then move on with my day. I have found that most travelers will talk about this at some point because the food is so different over here and a high percentage of people experience stomach issues while traveling through this country. Even locals have bowel issues. It’s just another wonderful thing about India; everyone poops a lot. It’s not the end of the world. Maybe just a minor delay in the day.

Never the less, the food has always been really tasty. This is one of the best things about India. Every dish is delicious. I haven’t really had anything I didn’t like. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed all the spices and curries this place has to offer. And not only that, I’ve also never had so much amazing Vegetarian food in my life. Who knew being a “Veggie” was so great?

The 2 things that have stood out most for me while exploring India are the food and the fashion. The colors and the sparkles of the woman’s clothing have blown me away. I’ve never seen so many beautiful garments in one place, and while being in one of the dirtiest countries I’ve ever experienced to boot. It does seem a bit strange at first when realizing how each woman dresses like this daily no matter what they are doing. Whether it’s going to the store, working in the farms, cleaning dishes and laundry in a filthy lake or even just sitting around on the pavement trying to avoid the scorching heat, the women of this country look amazing all the time.

There are so many stories to tell and it looks like I may just have enough time to write a few while I wait for my flight out of here. I can’t say I would come back to the North again but I would really love to travel through the Southern region in the future. I’ve heard there are some wonderful beaches down there and it’s more of a chill, relaxing atmosphere. I entered through Delhi and stayed in Rajasthan for the month I’ve been here and the chaos is very real through this region. There is so much congestion and pollution in a lot of the areas I’ve visited. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve also seen some very nice areas as well which I am very excited to write about while I have this time in the airport here.

I mean really, what else am I going to do now for the next… thirteen hours? I have no excuses anymore.

It’s story time! 🙂

Wait… this is beer café!!!!


Letter to a Lost Love xo Moving on Monday

Dearest Lost Love,

I felt as though I owed you a great special surprise for your birthday this year. I had started planning a while ago. I was making a list of the things you loved: knives, machetes, climbing gear and mail. I’ll never understand why you loved receiving mail so much, but it always made you so happy to open it even if it was just a bill.

It would’ve been a grand bouquet of sharp things wrapped in rope with a bottle of scotch on the side. There would have been our first adventure book that I had begun to put together with our first travel memories from Costa Rica. I was hoping to add to that book as the years passed by. I was hoping to get all of your loved ones to mail you letters and cards all at once. I was planning on making a private Facebook page called: Surprise letters for (I can’t even say your name without pain now). It doesn’t really matter anymore.

It was such a splendid idea. Two weeks before your special day, I would’ve told everyone to write to you so all the mail would arrive all at the same time. The mailbox would’ve been overflowing with love from your friends and family who you love so dearly. You always wanted me to include them in our lives. They would’ve wrote to you about the memories and fun times you had shared. They would’ve wrote the things they loved about you. I still grin at my master plan. The look on your face would’ve been priceless.

But alas, my plans have been shattered by the cold space between us. I had lost you some time ago but had held on for dear life. When I realized you did not feel for me the way I felt for you, I wasn’t sure which direction to go. Maybe I shouldn’t have said anything at all. Maybe if I’d stayed complacent you would still be holding me in your arms. Maybe that feeling of emptiness would’ve passed.

When you walked away from me that day I thought I was in a bad dream. But as the nightmare unfolded, my heart crumpled within my chest and I realized it was all too real. Now as I sit here writing out my master plan I know it will never happen. 

Maybe I would’ve made you fall in love with me. 

For it was I who asked what it was you truly wanted. For when that moment arrived and you paused and did not know what to say, I knew you did not want to fall in love with me. There will be no letters. There will be no special gifts from my heart. For I don’t feel my heart anymore.

So now I’m moving on, Monday. Now I have to say goodbye to a lost love I don’t even know anymore. Maybe you never truly loved me at all. Maybe one day you will read this, or maybe you won’t. Maybe this letter is not the one you were hoping for. I don’t know because I have lost you…

My dearest lost love xo

A Short Sunday Story xo

Sacrificed to the Ends of the Earth

~The dense grey fog was intoxicating that brutal night Lady Ongela was taken from her family. Her frail lungs struggling for a touch of oxygen through that damned disheveled bag was too much to bear. It was only a fortnight until her 19th name day and the harsh twisted minds of the bandits had poisoned her ever so slightly as to knock her into a fuzzy haze of bizarre hallucinations. They were ready to make their sacrifice to the lords of the realm. Sweat and tears dripped down her soft skin and immersed her lavender wine hair in a salty mess against her chest. The knobby ropes cinched around her tiny chafed wrists. Her flush pink lips quivered with fear. 

The trees hissed and crackled in those dreaded moist winds while they danced the dance of the melancholy vibrations that rang throughout the thick green forest. There was no moon to be seen in the dark somber sky. chains-19176_1280

The once magnificent palace was now broken.

A young man by the name of Alias the 2nd quickly caught word from the Duchess of the realm that her daughter had been taken. He instantly knew that he had no choice but to save her, for he had loved her for many years. Lady Ongela had been so gracious in her adoring friendship for the young lad and he had fallen so deeply in love with her that his heart longed for her touch. If only just a chance at a mere graze of her hand or a short evanescent look of tenderness. If only for a brief moment in time.

His striking blue eyes wept in a silence so loud it could break the hearts of 1,000 men. It would melt the ice that engulfed the souls of the wicked. 

The agonizing ritual would endure for 4 days and 4 nights, as the legend had been told. Alias had but a small window before the final cut would drain the last ounce of the fair beauty’s innocence and end her life. Alias jumped on his trusty steed and charged into the ominous night, his choppy ash hair thrashed by those winds. Those awful dreaded winds.

His horse was fierce, and the duo surged through the night like a tornado destroying a hay-field just before ripping a barn in half and spitting the wooden pieces into oblivion. Before long, Alias could hear the clamoring hooves of the hijackers horses, as black as they were he could not see them very well. But that did not stop his tenacity.

With a white horsepiercing stab to the side of his faithful white stallion, he crashed through the trees as if they were nonexistent.

The treeline broke into a large open field. It was suddenly a race to end… the final point of no return where the earth dropped off and the floating castle of darkness would consume its sacrifice into the vortex. The place where frightening nightmares are made.

Gaining speeds of immense urgency, Alias advanced the ratty carriage and noted 3 men atop of the freight.  In one mighty bound he rocketed of his horse, pulled his razor-sharp blade and slit 2 of the men’s throats in a single plunge. The bloody limp carcasses fell to the soft mossy ground as Alias grabbed the reigns and halted the carriage before the 3rd rotten villain could let out a scream. The horses hollered into the dead of night and dug their hooves into dirt. The filthy brute regained his balance and threw a lazy fist at Alias. He missed but Alias fell off the wagon hard into the earth. 

A bright flash of lights blinded Alias as his head hit. Then black.

Alias slowly opened his eyes to a dull yellow light above his head. A soft fluffy pillow lay under his frosty ash hair. He ran his hands along the surface where he lay as the silky sheets brushed against his skin. Turning his head ever so slightly he peered to his right to see a small frame close to him. 

He blinked once and then opened his eyes as wide as he could as if admiring a beauty so bold it was nearly impossible. 

There she was in her light delicate negligee. Her long lavender locks nestled against her smooth ivory back. Her skin was gleaming like a newborns. She smelled of luscious sweetened honey.

His hand gently touched her shoulder, just for a brief moment. His heart skipped a beat.

She had been by his side all along. She was more than a dream, she was an everlasting eternal love. 

He would have sacrificed himself… to the ends of the earth. His body sank into hers and they were intertwined in a warm, fiery embrace for all eternity. 


ThE DarKer ThoUghts…

The darker side of my mind…


Society upheld by a propriety.
A deity contrary to the anxiety.
Chemical Wasteland.

Food from a toxic can. Tar sands.
Orange flesh fake tans.

Gas masks. The next collection of half assed.
Small pox detox.
How bout a little Botox?
kids gas maskBeat box. Clorox.
You got some holes in those wool socks.
Investing in the highest stocks doc?
Pharmaceutical take down.
Political break down.
RCMP shake down.

seems to be a sort of irony. A tyranny of a long expected rhyme foreseen.
Blas fame. A total catastrophe.
Holding hands with these mothers-to-be.

Animal mutated babies.
The cause and factors… are we?


Covering up all the loose ties. Leaders getting high.
Chemtrails and pollutants a necessity to die.
So many blinded by
Material things. Gold and diamond rings. Bling.
If we have no voice we can’t sing.
Technology zombie kids and contaminated spare ribs.


A stellar way to be hard-core
Reprogramming centers galore

Who cares about grammar?
Who cares about verse?
Who cares about us?

Dark thoughts arise.
Is this our demise?

Look on the bright side.

We are still alive.


The poetry in my head…

~Good Morning Monday~

~Good Morning Monday

A new week has begun

I am grateful today for the glorious sun

We have been spoiled this summer

but global warning’s a huge bummer

What is the cost for such fun?

I always recycle and compost what I can

but sadly this beautiful earth is being destroyed by our fellow man

Big oil sands only a province away

Chemtrails line our blue skies everyday

Toxic waste in our water and some days seem so much hotter

I don’t remember them ever being this way

What can I do? Do I spread this sad news?

Or do I boast about positive change?

How do we get the message across

to the people who only care about the costs

… of their bills and their cars and their marble lined bars

Do they even realise what’s going on?

Do they see this great sun and just think, “Oh another day has begun!”

Do they mindlessly go mow their lawns?

Do they hear my concerns or think about how the world turns?

Do they see the sadness behind the hot sun?imagesV2J8HM0S

My body feels heat but my heart skips a beat when I think of the pain that’s so strong…

We all must wake up each day so let us figure out a way

To work together and make a positive change

As lucky as we are… the next generation won’t get very far

if we keep on going this same way…

So today I thank the skies for staying alive

and the sun for lighting up my day

For if these words reach one or two souls

Maybe… just maybe

… they may be so bold

And share their thoughts on how we can save

…all the beautiful days.meditation-277889_1280

May your week be full of purpose and love xo

Thursday Thoughts: Just a tiny girl in a big cruel world

~There are so many crazy things going on in our world today. Sometimes it’s so hard to keep a positive outlook on life. I keep thinking and hoping things will change but, what can I do as a single person?images90QLCEXS

I’m just a tiny girl. Just a speck in this vast universe that is slowly being destroyed. Here I stand at 5 foot zero… how can I make a difference while the world towers over me? I keep carrying this weight on my shoulders and straining my neck every time I look up for that droplet of hope to fall on my cheek.

There are hundreds of thousands of conservation projects underway and yet, animals are still dying in large numbers. Our oceans, rivers and streams are being poisoned everyday and people are dying all over the world due to pollution and hunger. Is there anything we can do to stop all of the chemicals from seeping into our lives? Our food? Our water?

How come everything is crumbling before our eyes regardless off all the efforts that are being accomplished? Is there simply nothing we can do to stop the earth from being destroyed?

When I started fundraising and getting involved with non-profit organizations that’s when I figured it out. A lot of people stopped talking to me and stopped liking certain posts about fundraising. I reached out to family members and friends to help with the causes I am so passionate about but the response was not what I’d hoped for. The majority of people I reached out to weren’t interested in getting involved… and the reason was always money.

The root of all evil.

On a larger scale that’s what the main problem is. Despite all the efforts that are being made, most people won’t or can’t get involved.

So here I am. Just one tiny girl dancing in the middle of a full-scale, world-wide problem.

What else can I do? How can I spread this message? How can I get more people involved?

What do WE all do?

I ask you this: How can we change the world?

Is it possible?

Is this the end of the world? In morbid dreams…

~Dreams of a time traveller… And then I cried…

end of the world

When I realised all the trees were gone

When the oceans became riddled with poisons and plastic

When the children had no one to care for them.


rhino lonesome-george elephant

Will they ever listen to me?


One day I walked outside to see the ghostlike streets and the abandoned houses.

There were no more daughters, sons nor spouses.

The people had fled from their homes to run from the rising seas.

Gunfire, explosions and casualties.

I rose  above to watch over thee… but unfortunately no more were we.

The rhinos, turtles and elephants were diminished and the governments were finally finished… they had nothing left to be.

Destroyed, deployed and everyone is annoyed.

We had no way to stop them… did we?

It was the end and we lost our friends. No more could we find hope or faith for free.

Our dreams, our thoughts and independence came at a steep price, for we as a whole could not suffice.

Now we look back and grumble in spite,

For the end was here and now it’s forever night.