Thursday Thoughts on Coffee Mmmmmmmm

a-cup-of-coffee-399480_1280I LOVE my morning coffee!

But I have a little secret: I only started drinking coffee when I was about 25 years old. I never used to drink it because I have a sensitive stomach so I steered clear for a long time. That was until I started working in an office with a woman who drank 10 cups of coffee every day.

Yup you read that right… 10 cups!

Each morning I arrived in the office, my nose would instantly be filled with that delightful smell of fresh brewed coffee. Oh it smelled so good!! Eventually I caved in after the 5th or 6th pot was made one day. I finally joined in the coffee drinking ceremony.¬†At first I could only get through a half a cup because I wasn’t used to drinking coffee at all and I would get the jitters. And I’m sure you know what happens to most people when they drink coffee ūüėČ I don’t have to go into those details.

Soon enough I had my routine: 2 cream and a whole whack of sugar!! I know it’s bad… but soooooo GOOD!!

Soon after that I bought my very first coffee pot which was so tiny you could only get about 3 cups out of it, so it was perfect for my minimal coffee consumption. Now I have a beautiful espresso maker combo with a pot on one side and a press on the other.

Then I discovered iced coffee!! Oh wowsers do I ever LOVE iced coffee. I could probably suck back an iced coffee in under a minute.

Now I am hooked. I know a lot of people think drinking coffee is really bad for you and some even try to stop drinking it. But not me… I LOVE my morning coffee ūüėÄ And it’s full of antioxidants! I only have one cup a day and a lot of the time I don’t finish the whole thing. I’ve switched to coconut cream and organic brown cane sugar to try to avoid white sugar and dairy. I also love my coffee strong so I use the espresso setting on my coffee maker. Mmm mmm!! xox¬†coffee-424763_1280



Even Santa loves my coffee! 10868004_10154971012890444_6265469695036780479_n



How about you?

How do you like your coffee in the morning???

Inspiration in the Slow Cooker!

~Sometimes inspiration can come from unexpected places or occurrences. You may be strolling down the street one day, see a mud puddle and suddenly realize the premise of your next book set in an underground city that is flooded by a storm up above and your hero must swim through dangerous murky waters to save an innocent child.

Ta Da! Inspiration from a mud puddle ūüôā

Well, today I was inspired by my slow cooker… and Santa! So here is a little story I would like to call:

Santa Stole my Chili Recipe 

The cool winter winds shook the windows of my apartment as the sun peaked through the clouds and provided a temporary warmth throughout the small, damp west coast city. All of the ingredients were ready to go for the nights Christmas Party Chili I was going to prepare. I peeled 3 cloves of garlic and squished them through the garlic press, sprinkling the goodness over all the assorted beans in my big white slow cooker.

The aromas began to fill my nose instantly as I chopped up some fresh green onions from my garden. I added some juicy mushrooms, a scoop of¬†tomato¬†paste and poured in a couple of tablespoons of black bean sauce (an¬†ingredient¬†I can’t live without). As the porcelain pot heated to a perfect low temperature I added my last spices on top of a slab of locally grown bison meat. A bit of salt and pepper, oregano, chili powder, garlic powder,¬†turmeric, 2 bay leaves and a cup of¬†organic cane¬†sugar¬†to sweeten up the dish.

Suddenly there was a shuffling of feet behind me. I jumped with surprise and swung around to see what it was, but I saw nothing. Shaking my head and giggling I continued to stir my sweet chili as the smells of the meal filled the room. It was time to place the lid on top and let the flavors devour each other for the next 7 hours.

I continued on with my day running around and getting things ready for the party. I was so excited to share my delicious chili with all my friends. Later that afternoon I returned to the chili once more to give it another stir and add more sugar and a secret ingredient. ūüėČ That’s when I found… the note!

It was a note from Santa

Ho ho ho my dear Tiny T! Merry Christmas! I happened to follow my nose right to your yummy chili today and I just had to have the recipe. I hope you don’t ¬†mind but I looked at the chili to see what you had added. I am sorry to say dear, but I have stolen your chili recipe to cook in my slow cooker for the elves back at The North Pole.¬†

Love Santa xo (PS: You’ve been a very good girl this year!) ūüôā ¬†ūüôā¬†

And with the two smiley faces ending the note I realized Santa had robbed me. This was defiantly not a bad thing though. Little did he know I hadn’t added in the extra sugar or the secret ingredient in yet!! Haha Santa only had part of the recipe but it would still be very scrumptious.

The Christmas Party Chili recipe saved the day!!

I jumped with joy knowing that everyone was going to eat my wonderful chili that night and it filled my heart with love to know that Santa loved my chili so much. Hopefully the elves would love it to. Later that night while going through my phone I found that Santa had taken some incriminating photos. I must have left the phone by the slow cooker.

Oh Santa! What a silly guy!

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