Friday Photo Fun!

1723356_1696194280662945_1862422288_nTiny turtles running in the sand

Tiny turtles jumping from my hand 

Warming up for their very first swim 

For these tiny turtles, I would go out on a limb

To help them reach their ocean life

As the sun sets, they swim into the night

Love Turtles xo

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Good Morning Monday!

Never fear because Monday is here!!! GOOD MORNING!! 🙂


Do you ever get that feeling when Monday morning rolls around? Of course you do… we all do. It’s those dreaded Monday’s…

“Somebody’s got a case of the Monday’s Whomp whomp!”

SO How can I inspire you today and help make your Monday A OK!?!

How about this cute picture of a TURTLE!?these_funny_animals_691_640_37





I dream of a world with turtles, as far as the eye can see
I dream of a land so lush, that highways can no longer be
I dream of a mix of colors, opportunities and wide open doors
I dream that the clouds are organic and on natural wings we soar
I dream that our lives have been saved by the people who actually care
I dream there are words of truth, rather than the lies that are full of hot air
I dream that you share my passion to make a better life for us all
I dream of a fantasy untouched, where we can all finally stand up tall ❤

~Dreams can come true… if you truly believe~

May your week be full of beautiful dreams and success!