Thursday Thoughts: The Job Hunt

~It’s always a bit scary going back out into the working world after a break from the typical 9-5 workday for 5 days a week. And after school it feels a bit intimidating as I am now looking for a completely different kind of career. I was a Dental Assistant for so many years and I’ve never really ventured away from that particular field, even when changing to reception.

Now it’s time to promote some new skills. It is now time for The Job Hunt.

Business is everything from small start-up companies to large corporations and I am ready for something exciting and interesting. But how do you find exactly what you’re looking for when you don’t really know what exactly it is you are looking for in the first place.

I suppose I just have to test those waters and stick my hands in a few different pots.


I’ve been looking for intriguing job postings that sound fun and lively such as small marketing firms and graphic design companies. One of most appealing postings I found is a small start-up company that specializes in creating mobile apps, online marketing and other cool techy stuff. The best part about the posting was that they want someone who likes Foosball and handing out snacks to the team. Those are two of my favorite things! I love snacks 🙂

Digital Marketing is the future of almost everything if you think about it and I want to be a part of it all. So those are the kinds of positions I will be looking for. Flexible hours, creative thinking and a fun team of people is just what I need for my future endeavors. I need to get into some serious research and find a company that has all of those things.

I would love to do something like an internship where I learn everything about the organization and follow cool people around all day learning about what they do. I definitely don’t want to settle for the same old job anymore. It’s time to branch out and gain some experience with my list of new skills and abilities.

My objective: to find employment in an establishment where I can apply both my business and writing skills.


Wish me luck!

Watching a ‘Baby Blog’ grow! Diving into Responsive Web Design (RWD)

With a sleek new look, my tiny Baby Blog is growing right before my very eyes.
What a wonderful journey it is! 🙂 What do you think? Do you like the new theme? Is it dynamic? I would love to get some feedback from you.

Look mom! I made my very first website on WordPress!!

With a few purchases here and there to upgrade my site and fiddle around with the look of my baby blog, I have began building a great following and have filled my space with interesting content and information… and people seem to like it! Whoo!

Just a tiny update for my followers:

~Not only have I been interacting with other bloggers and asking questions along the way, I’ve also been gaining so much knowledge about all the technical stuff that comes with having a website.  I don’t consider myself computer savvy at all so the tips my fellow bloggers give me are really guiding me in the right direction. Thank you! 🙂 🙂 What would I do without you?

I had a fellow blogger suggest I use a responsive layout on my website, which I have recently started to learn about online. If I want to create a successful Travel Blog then my website should be easy to use on any device, properly designed and resourceful for those navigating around it. Creating a more user-friendly website is exactly what I am aiming to do so a responsive layout makes perfect sense.

A responsive layout is also known as Responsive web design (RWD).


RWD is a design  approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors) – Wikipedia 

I found a few articles that might help:




What I am running into now is something called CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which is starting to confuse the heck out of me :/


So here I am. /\THIS/\ is so foreign to me I don’t even know where to start… So I started here:

I’ve also signed myself up for the Blogging 201 workshop which I am incredibly excited about. Connecting with people on groups and through free courses are great ways to get your name out there and learn a bunch of cool stuff you might not find on your own. We are going to go into detail about mobile and CSS in this course so I will keep you posted!

Enrolled in Blogging University and ready to absorb some awesome information!
Daily Post editor Michelle W., Happiness Engineers Mikey A. / and Lisa S. are teamed up to help us bloggers along the way so I am absolutely stoked. I’m eager to learn some new stuff.

teach< oh my littleToddler Blog’ you’re growing up so fast! 😛

Stay tuned for these next big ‘toddler’ steps in this writing journey… turning a hobby into a way of life xo Branding, optimizing and advanced web design.

We’re getting into the good stuff now!

Happy writing xo