Friday Photo *Fallen* – Never Forget xo


I have fallen…

I’ll never forget the times we shared

A love so painful I could not compare

I let myself love you so deeply and true

Down in my heart, I always knew

You could not love or feel how I felt

But when you stopped to actually see me, I would completely melt

For all I ever wanted was you

Now the memories are so heartbreaking, I shouldn’t have let myself fall so hard for you

Now our sun is setting into the sea

Oh how I wanted you to fall in love with little ol me…

A sad goodbye xo

Thursday Thoughts on Procrastination and Excuses

~With a sudden move during the holiday season, it’s been difficult to keep up with my blog posts. I now have a very long list of things I must do to move out of my place, get the Christmas stuff organized for my family get together and make a smooth transition into a new home.

Seems easy enough… but now I have even more excuses not to write. Oh no!shield-417827_1280

Before I had the normal everyday excuses such as:

Oh darn the dishes should be done now so I simply can not write on my blog or my novel!” 

Now the list of excuses includes:

I must scrub my stove and fridge so they look brand new!
I have to pack and organize these clothes so I can figure out which ones to donate!
Renting a truck…I should probably do this before Christmas!
Oh wait, this bottle of wine is half full… better drink it before the move!
I have to get rid of stuff…
I can’t focus…

The list goes on and on. Talk about the ultimate procrastination station!!

This kind of feels like de sha vu only with more things. Am I just making the same old excuses? Probably.

Wait what was I talking about?

I had to take a picture of Santa to become an Instagram sensation…Santa Limonata Santa


Hang on I’ll be right back to finish this post after i do this one thing…

Watching a ‘Baby Blog’ grow! Diving into Responsive Web Design (RWD)

With a sleek new look, my tiny Baby Blog is growing right before my very eyes.
What a wonderful journey it is! 🙂 What do you think? Do you like the new theme? Is it dynamic? I would love to get some feedback from you.

Look mom! I made my very first website on WordPress!!

With a few purchases here and there to upgrade my site and fiddle around with the look of my baby blog, I have began building a great following and have filled my space with interesting content and information… and people seem to like it! Whoo!

Just a tiny update for my followers:

~Not only have I been interacting with other bloggers and asking questions along the way, I’ve also been gaining so much knowledge about all the technical stuff that comes with having a website.  I don’t consider myself computer savvy at all so the tips my fellow bloggers give me are really guiding me in the right direction. Thank you! 🙂 🙂 What would I do without you?

I had a fellow blogger suggest I use a responsive layout on my website, which I have recently started to learn about online. If I want to create a successful Travel Blog then my website should be easy to use on any device, properly designed and resourceful for those navigating around it. Creating a more user-friendly website is exactly what I am aiming to do so a responsive layout makes perfect sense.

A responsive layout is also known as Responsive web design (RWD).


RWD is a design  approach aimed at crafting sites to provide an optimal viewing experience—easy reading and navigation with a minimum of resizing, panning, and scrolling—across a wide range of devices (from mobile phones to desktop computer monitors) – Wikipedia 

I found a few articles that might help:




What I am running into now is something called CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) which is starting to confuse the heck out of me :/


So here I am. /\THIS/\ is so foreign to me I don’t even know where to start… So I started here:

I’ve also signed myself up for the Blogging 201 workshop which I am incredibly excited about. Connecting with people on groups and through free courses are great ways to get your name out there and learn a bunch of cool stuff you might not find on your own. We are going to go into detail about mobile and CSS in this course so I will keep you posted!

Enrolled in Blogging University and ready to absorb some awesome information!
Daily Post editor Michelle W., Happiness Engineers Mikey A. / and Lisa S. are teamed up to help us bloggers along the way so I am absolutely stoked. I’m eager to learn some new stuff.

teach< oh my littleToddler Blog’ you’re growing up so fast! 😛

Stay tuned for these next big ‘toddler’ steps in this writing journey… turning a hobby into a way of life xo Branding, optimizing and advanced web design.

We’re getting into the good stuff now!

Happy writing xo

Good Morning Monday…

Good Morning Monday… I’ve got the free verse poetry weirdness running through my brain again. What a surprise 😉 Does it ever make sense?

Ode to the screens full of the technologists scene… a tiny tech poem just for you:


Good Day you website masterminds
Video cassette tapes you have to rewind
Messages and links intertwined
A social network running through the mind

A bright blinking cursor an enemy
Writers block and a locked up key
Time fly’s by we’re no longer free
Imprisoned by the latest technology

An obsession, regression, oppression and recession
Glorious deception of the misconceptions
A set of compression’s on chest cavity sessions
This is a zombies affectionate confession

An evil necessity

Could we ever be without thee?

Keywords, widgets and tags… Oh my!! I need some help with my WordPress site

~Writers block has hit me hard this week and my blog posts have been few and far between. I’ve really started digging into my WordPress functions and I’m a bit overwhelmed. Spending a lot of time looking into SEO options and figuring out how to optimize my site views has left me feeling confused and slightly frustrated.

And the writing journey continues! 🙂 Building my website is all part of the learning process.

It turns out I’ve been using my keywords all wrong. I don’t have a plugins option and my site is quite limited. Has anyone else had this problem and can you help me out?

Here is what I’ve learned so far:

-Keywords have to appear in the title of a post and also appear in the URL and you have to optimize your keywords so people can find you. Tags in your article have to match your keywords as well and you can have all of this done automatically by upgrading the SEO.

In the dashboard of my WP site I don’t have a plugins link so I purchased another hosting site to upgrade my SEO. I now have a site called through

-I have widgets that I really like on my WordPress site that don’t appear on new hosting site and I don’t think they’re transferable. I also don’t think my custom settings I’ve purchased from WP can transfer either.

I’m stumped!

I know I have to link the two URL’s together but the settings aren’t working. I’m thinking I need a different hosting site OR I need to know how to upgrade my SEO through WordPress.

I’m really not computer savvy so this is the part of my journey where I need to ask for help. And now there’s weird links on random words throughout my site. I don’t know what I did??

Can anyone help me with this? I would really like to improve my site. I will repay you with a virtual hug and a shoutout!! 🙂 Thanks!! And Happy writing! ❤





My journey to becoming a writer. Part 3: The premature post… Oops!

~I’ve been getting so excited about my writing lately that I just want to post something everyday. I’m finding that even though I read over my work countless times I still end up posting prematurely.

Oops I used some profanity there… maybe I should take that out…portrait-317041_1280

Oops I just posted something and I used the wrong word in this sentence… that doesn’t make sense…

Ooops I just used 3 O’s in the word Oops and that’s not really a word and now I don’t sound professional uh oh…

And so goes the writers worries.

I am a perfectionist when it comes to… everything! I can write a post very quickly but then spend hours editing. So why on earth am I still missing my mistakes?

I’m just really excited I guess!

I’ve been reading a lot of blogs and other articles from different sites and it looks like grammar is a big issue for a lot of people. There are a bunch of articles that just get butchered by “grammar police” but the article itself is actually really good.

So when is it appropriate to twist up the grammar in a blog post? There is so much slang out there that is linked to humorous and sarcastic material that the grammar needs to be a little bit off to come across that way.

I personally like articles that are slightly askew 🙂 Am I using that word right?

Maybe it’s because I’m a bit twisted and crazy myself I don’t know…


In my journey to becoming a successful writer this key element is something I must master. It turns out I don’t really want to look like a buffoon when I’m trying to be funny. I want to be funny and be aware of my grammatical mistakes which will most likely happen from time to time.

I must also learn to slow down. Patience is extremely important in creating a piece of work. It speaks loudly of your character. Something that is rushed or poorly edited can make or break the article. It could even cut it out of the running when trying to get an actual paid writing job.

Here are some sites I’ve looked through to help me with this process:

Thanks Google!

I wonder what happened back in the day when the ancient Egyptians had to write hieroglyphics on pyramids or when cavemen had to carve their work into stones. What happened if you made a mistake then? How the heck would you correct it??images3

Does it drive you crazy when you see bad grammar?

Is it suitable to shake it up every now and then? What is your technique?

Other suggestions are definitely welcome!

What is your opinion on grammar in blogging?


I am completely open to constructive feedback so let me know what you thought about my article today… or any other articles for that matter 🙂 Sharing is caring!

Happy writing xo

~Good Morning Monday~

~Good Morning Monday

A new week has begun

I am grateful today for the glorious sun

We have been spoiled this summer

but global warning’s a huge bummer

What is the cost for such fun?

I always recycle and compost what I can

but sadly this beautiful earth is being destroyed by our fellow man

Big oil sands only a province away

Chemtrails line our blue skies everyday

Toxic waste in our water and some days seem so much hotter

I don’t remember them ever being this way

What can I do? Do I spread this sad news?

Or do I boast about positive change?

How do we get the message across

to the people who only care about the costs

… of their bills and their cars and their marble lined bars

Do they even realise what’s going on?

Do they see this great sun and just think, “Oh another day has begun!”

Do they mindlessly go mow their lawns?

Do they hear my concerns or think about how the world turns?

Do they see the sadness behind the hot sun?imagesV2J8HM0S

My body feels heat but my heart skips a beat when I think of the pain that’s so strong…

We all must wake up each day so let us figure out a way

To work together and make a positive change

As lucky as we are… the next generation won’t get very far

if we keep on going this same way…

So today I thank the skies for staying alive

and the sun for lighting up my day

For if these words reach one or two souls

Maybe… just maybe

… they may be so bold

And share their thoughts on how we can save

…all the beautiful days.meditation-277889_1280

May your week be full of purpose and love xo

My journey to becoming a writer. Part two: I need some experience! How do you get experience?

Am I a writer? Can I call myself a writer now that I have a blog and started a novel?


I keep looking at my writing resume and thinking it’s not really that impressive. I’ve written some poetry and a few short stories but I’ve never actually written anything professionally. Apparently you can’t really make a living just by writing a few novels or just having a blog… so what can I do to make writing a career?

There are 3 main things I’ve learned through this process in becoming a writer:

You have to be very patient

Connecting with people is essential

And… Write what you know

So I’m writing what I know and I’m connecting with other people. Now what?

I still need some experience. I really want to write for a living, so I’ve decided that I should go and talk to some people at some of the local publishing companies around Victoria.

It wouldn’t hurt would it?

There are so many programs and courses out there and trust me I’ve signed up for a good handful but, I need a person to physically show the ropes. Sit me down and point it out. That’s the best way I learn. Every webinar and seminar I attend online teaches me the same key elements to begin a writing career:

1. Find your niche

2. Gather a following

3. Get your work out there

Bada bing bada boom right!?

Well that may take a while so I figure in the meantime I should do something more. I’m going to go to the local magazine publications and the newspapers and see if maybe they will hire me as a freelancer.journal Ok… ok I know that’s a big pipe dream with NO experience… BUT what if someone says yes 🙂

Even if I could just shadow a journalist for one day… call it an internship. That’s what I need.

I need a person who is doing what I WANT to be doing to show me how to do IT!!

I’ve got my not-so-great resumes ready to go with a few samples of my work and cover letters to boot… Let’s call it MY PORTFOLIO. What do you know… I never would have thought that I’d have a portfolio of my writing. A couple of articles about some great local establishments and a short travel story.

Maybe… just maybe… someone might like my work. These are just dreams right!?

Is it possible to make a living as a writer?


Well I am certainly going to try! In my journey to becoming a successful writer I have to try. Whatever it takes to get my name out there.

But first… I found a course at The University of Victoria in Writing and Literature:

Freelance Journalism in 2014.

“How do you get started as a freelancer? Do you work for free? Should you focus on websites or magazines? How do newspapers fit into things? What is the proper query etiquette? There are so many questions when you’re trying to navigate the wilderness of freelancing. This course will help you make sense of them all, while reviewing some of the basics of what makes good journalism. Learn tips on what editors want and how to keep editors coming back to you; learn how to avoid doing what makes editors run the other direction. Learn who you should be writing for, how to find your identity as a writer, how to deal with finances, and go over some basic journalism skills.”

Sounds perfect!!

SO I want to become a successful writer… Now, how the heck do I do that?

“So, you want to be a writer?” -a question I’ve been asked a lot lately.

Everyday for the last 6 months I’ve asked myself the same thing “How the heck do I become a successful writer?”heck

In all honesty, I’ve always wanted to write. I wrote a ton of poetry as a kid and kept multiple journals throughout my childhood. I even told my mom that I wanted to be a journalist when I grew up. Now that I’m a bit older, that desire is still burning inside of me. It has been for some time. But, I have absolutely NO experience on how to actually write professionally. I don’t even know if my writing is good! I managed to set up a blog, write some poetry and bust out a few articles but… now what? I have no idea how to make my blog work for me. I’m going in blind! I want to change the world but that is a pretty large and broad subject to write about.

AND not only do I have these excuses… There are so many subjects I want to cover and so many stories to tell. How do you write about stuff when everyone is already writing about EVERYTHING!? I want to write about everything from travelling and conservation projects to local business and the best places to see in Victoria. But how do I narrow it down?

Procrastination is my middle name and I’ve been so lost and confused about which direction I want my writing to go… well that was up until yesterday.

I had my lovely friend Erin at All Curves West and Curves West Marketing Curves westcome over and show me a few different things online such as: how to market myself on social media through related links and how to drive more traffic to my personal blog. I had the basics down but I didn’t really know how to connect with more people. So I started liking and sharing and made my own Facebook page:

The tiny writer

And THAT’S when in dawned on me. It was right in front of my face the whole time…

I need to write about WRITING!! I am just starting out on an incredible journey: how to become a successful writer… why wouldn’t I just write about that? Thank you Erin for helping me reach that epiphany!

I’ll write about the fact that I have no idea what I’m doing BUT I have some great ideas and all I need to do… is share them!! imagesblog

Now, I know there must be other people out there in the same boat as me. Are you lost and confused about your writing just as much as I am? Well let’s work on it together! Here are a few things I’ve done to get to the point I’m at right now… which is still just the beginning. I definitely recommend these steps if you’re just getting started:

Subscribe to some magazines related to what you want to write about ie: National Geographic, NG Traveller and International Living are magazines I chose because I want to write about travel. Reading others people’s work is the best way to find out where your interests lie and gives you an idea of different ways to write content. Since I want to write articles about various travel adventures, places to see and conservation projects, these magazines are perfect for learning how other authors write about those specific subjects.

Sign up with AWAI (American Writers Association Inc.) and The Barefoot Writer to gain some knowledge on how to make a living as a writer. When I searched “how to make a living as writer” these associations were at the top of the list. With consistent updates on webinars, seminars, courses and conferences you can attend, you will constantly have information filling your email account. You will have to spend a small amount of money to get involved with certain subscriptions, but it’s well worth it! And once you do, free webinars and other resources will pop up from time to time.

Join Writers Digest for educational books, agents and other listings related to writing stuff. Writers Digest has a wealth of information including teleseminars, online University courses and critiques you can give some of your work to critique. Not only that but the WD Marketplace has thousands of listings you can search if you’re ready to publish a book, seek out an agent or enter a contest with your recently completed masterpiece.

Read a bunch of books! This is the best way to exercise your brain and learn about writing. It’s also a great way to find out what your writing style is if you have no idea what kind of writer you are yet. I found that fantasy books really captured my interest so naturally I started writing a “dreamscape” novel. It’s still in its beginning phase but at least I’ve found my direction in novel-writing. Everyone has to start somewhere!

**Make a Facebook page and “Like” and “Share” you heart out** This step is crucial and I was clueless about it until Erin showed me. How will anyone ever know who you are if you don’t share your work and like other people’s work? When Erin pointed it out to me it made perfect sense. I didn’t know how to get my work out there and my page wasn’t linked to any other pages so, that’s what I did. I linked my Facebook page to my blog, “liked” a bunch of related pages and started to share some links that sparked my interest. Now more people will see who I am and hopefully this will drive more traffic to my site.

… and the most important thing I’ve learned about being a writer is you have to actually write stuff! So write what you know and throw it out there for the world to see. That’s my main goal now: to make myself a writing schedule and keep up with consistent posts. Break out the calendar and start creating specific time slots on when to write during the week.

That’s all I’ve come up with so far. But it’s definitely a start!

SO where are all the Newby writers at? Do you have any advice that can help me kick-start my writing career? How have you made your writing successful? Do you like any of my suggestions? Please let me know as feedback is much appreciated 🙂

Let’s share our stories and see what the writing world has in store for us!

Happy writing! xo




Writers block… how I loathe thee

~Abstract mind~

writers block

My glance fell over there and stopped

Where all motion vanished once again

Gravity turned away from me

And that absence of thought returned

I can not dream…. or even see

Have I gone blind?

Ink refusing to glide across the paper

Direction is no longer a priority

That block is real… and painful.

I wonder if they will ever read my words…

Are they worth reading??